Monday, February 18, 2008

Ten Things I learnt from Jodhaa-Akbar

(1) "Arranged" marriages eventually work out to be just fine. It just takes an awful long time to consummate, however.

(2) If your name is Hemu, you should at least always sport plastic sunglasses.

(3) If your name is Hemu, and you have over 100 (literally) decorated elephants, and you are fighting for your life- you send 99 of them to another direction. Then you head along to the thick segment of the opponent army alone.

(4) Surendra Paul is alive!!! He still does noncommittally bombastic characters like Dronacharya.

(5) If you have an orphaned nephew with attitude, think twice before helping him.

(6) A Hindu wife does not utter her husband's name, unless she is married to a Muslim.

(7) Poonam Sinha is a huge vacuum with a smile, the shape and form of which do not change irrespective of whether her on-screen son was just hit by a poisonous arrow or her daughter-in-law steps into her home the very first time.

(8) Even though the newly wed Princess was given what surely would have been the largest suite one could have seen, every single word of her prayer could still be heard by just about everyone in the (technically) far-off royal court for commons (Diwan-e-Aam). Perhaps another reason the marriage was not consummated sooner.

(9) If you had a fight with your wife, and she heads for her parents', and once you are there she clearly does not want to see your body hair --- the first thing you should do in the morning after waking up is to invite her to a sword fight.

(10) This is the first-time after "Joshilaay" Rajesh Vivek rode a horse.


Anonymous said...

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dashu pagla said...

Jodhaa-Akbar er ekkhaana spoof likhechhi, banglay, kemon holo, bolo to!
Akbar Nama.

Chaila Bihari said...

We also learnt that Akbar was actually well over 6'

Anonymous said...

Re pt 10, guess he did it in Vishwatma as well

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