Wednesday, March 28, 2007

You're not that young if -

(11) Your relatives will gladly lend you money if they can. In fact, they want you ask for it.

(10) You remember your vitamins not just because there will be questions on it in school exams.

(9) It takes you a while to enter your age by hitting 'upward arrow' button on the treadmill.

(8) You suddenly feel like a friend of your's has "changed" and feel bad about it.

(7) You know exactly where you will find the antacid at home.

(6) People stop speaking till you're finished in meetings or, you carry bottled water to meetings.

(5) You start playing golf or worse, start watching it in the Golf Channel!

(4) Your brag about how low your car insurance premium is or worse, you had had no car issues (accidents , speeding tickets, traffic violations etc) in last three years.

(3) You start watching the weather report for tomorrow and make faces at whatever they say.

(2) You don't anymore watch random, arbitrary movie just because it has steamy scenes. Your favorite director is long dead or, your favorite actor's son is happily married or, your favorite actress hasn't been seen in a swimming costume or skimpier outfits for more than five years.

and above all,

(1) After reading this you're thinking I have way too much free time compared to you!

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