Sunday, April 1, 2007

Random Weekend Ramble - Stupid Spouse Killers etc.

(1) New article In CNNMoney -- "25 Rules to grow Rich By" - Last week, there were only 10 of them in an article in the same site! Can experts first agree at a number and then let me stop from having morning lattes now so that I could have morning lattes in my retirement? It's difficult for me when the numbers change every now and then.

Another article in the same site screams "You don't have to spend a lot of time to put your financial house in order". Well, if you don't have to spend a lot of time to fix it, it ain't broken that bad. Your problem probably is something like "I think I had an extra $5 bill in my wallet. Where did I spent it?!" I've never seen a guy spending fifteen minutes alone in a corner and come back up with "I am ready to retire now".

(2) How much more STUPID, IDIOTIC, IMBECILE could these "NRIs" possible be? One 32 year old Avtar Singh Grewal was arrested in New Delhi airport after he fled following his wife's killing in Phoenix, Arizona. Well, some people have done that. Yes. But read this -

"He claims that his wife kicked and slapped him and in a fit of anger he strangulated her. He als says that he felt sorry and left a note saying that he has killed his wife. "

Leaving a note!!??? For whom? If you left it for the Police, then wasn't it easier to explain it to them personally. Or, was it for the poor wife? Something like -


I am so sorry I'd killed you about seven minutes ago. But since they are too liberal for capital punishment in Arizona, let me try getting caught in Delhi. Join you soon!

Your's, today and forever -


The stupid saga does not stop here. This guy, after the killing, also tried to commit suicide. TWICE! "he claims to have tried to commit suicide by slashing his wrist and then trying to hang himself from the ceiling."

Come up with your entry for "My stupidest day" for me! Can you? Mine is this young, sprightly Sardar who managed to do it ALL in a 24 hour time-frame --

(1) Got kicked and slapped by his wife, apparently in public!
(2) He killed her.
(3) Feeling sorry, he left a note by her dead body.
(4) He tries to commit suicide by slashing his wrist. It probably doesn't work because Sardars don't necessarily carry good quality shaving blades or may be the kara was too hard to cut.
(5) So he tries to hang himself from the ceiling now. Fails!
(6) He takes a Continental flight to New Delhi. I don't think this dude travels business class. I would take a police lock-up over a transatlantic coach experience!
(7) Gets caught before he takes out his passport in the airport after landing. I doubt if the cops at Delhi airport went like "Hmmm, there are 72 young, single, scared looking Sardars in this plane. We really don't know who is the guy Interpol alerted us for!". It was easier than eating a chicken leg.

Now, thanks to this idiot bastard and because people invariably notice the articles like below, my wife will have some "interesting" phone calls (made to her side) to India over next few weeks! Sigh!

God I wish I were a member of the Indian Cricket Team now!

On the other hand, this husband is almost getting a hero's reception after he killed his wife! Short story shorter - wife was banging some 'lover'; husband comes home; says "honey"; wife starts screaming "Somebody SAVE ME. PLEASE! He's raping me...". Husband fires gun at the rapist / lover. He gets caught but jury charges the wife of manslaughter! I say somebody give her a CEO job. Never seen this much presence of mind in Corporate America even at the face of year long crisis, this woman just solved the biggest one a person can endure within probably 3 split seconds!

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