Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thought Fart of the day

Work-life balance is a big myth. No one can have it. Yeah, I know what you are thinking. But even pornstars have pretty lousy X-mas. They don't work in holidays and have no families to enjoy time-off with (I hope so!).

You are happy when life sucks much less than work does. Vacation is the break even threshold point where the work becomes so pathetic that you try to balance it by adding stress to your other life too. I have never seen a stress free vacation.

The key to survive is to see job stress as a yellow card. Then, just be hormonal hunk and beat the shit out of the referee.

If your life sucks more than your job, you are overpaid. Or, your parents are looking for a babysitter for the evening. They want to go to a movie.

Most "Gurus" are bearded because females don't want to be reminded of their ex or ex-ex types. You see how females immediately start "who does he look like" with everyone? Unless it is a carrot or bicycle. However they do it with baby carrots, if you care. When they see beard, they don't compare the face anymore. It's like "if someone does not have time to shave, one must be REALLY busy".

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