Friday, May 18, 2007

Shrek 3 - 2nd Summer Sequel of the year that failed!

  • Prince Charming arrives late to the castle where the princess was captive for so long. All he finds is a Wolf reading swimsuit edition of "Pork Illustrated" with a pig posing in bikini on the cover!
  • Puss-in-boots -- in a clear reference to Garfield -- blurts out "I hate Mondays" after his first drink in the bar!
  • The "Far Far Away" -- including the sign on the hills -- is very Hollywood where they have "Farbucks Coffee" shop exactly opposite another "Farbucks Coffee" on the other side of the road!
  • Fiona's mom is shown reading "King are from Mars, Queens are from Venus"!
  • There was a poster of "Sir Justin" (Timberlake) right above Fiona's bed. Cameron Diaz -- voice of Fiona -- was dating Justin that time!
  • Some shops in "Far Far Away" - 'Burger Prince'; 'Baskin Robinhood', 'Saxon Fifth Avenue' ...
  • Giant Gingerbread utters "Be Good" as melting away, same last words uttered by E.T.!
  • Puss in boots grabs his hat Indiana Jones during a chase scene.
  • In "Far Far Away" a movie theater is playing "Lethal Arrow 4"
  • A lot and lot of pop-culture, movie, personality references I -- and bunch of other fans -- are still trying to find out.

Hold on! All the above are from the "Shrek 2". There is no need to watch "Shrek 3" again to find out the references - especially those not so subtle ones - because there is none!

Shrek had a severe identity crisis in the first movie (that basically mimicked then Disney chief Mike Aisner), fell in love too. In the second, he visits his in-laws and tries to be as social as a green ogre can be. Third, the wife wants a kid, Shrek does not even get the hint. He does not want to be the king after his dad-in-law's death either. He wants to go back to his swamp and be happy with his smelly self. Such a big comic opportunity was entirely wasted by trying to retell all the fairy tales listed on Wikipedia. Retell is the key word -- not mimic. There are just so many characters -- most of whom you must have encountered decades ago, if at all -- that following them makes the grin vanish!

There is this new trend to make the fairy tales "hip", and there were some good movies -- just plain good, nothing more -- made in last couple of years on that premise. "Hoodwinked" - where the little Red riding hood plays a Miss Marple - being a personal favorite of the genre. However, "Shrek" was much more than parodying fairy tales. Following the mandatory Hollywood arithmetic to swamp the market with a sequel till there's a flop one in the series, the producers took the franchise too seriously this time and frustrated fans like this reviewer to no end.

Don't go green this summer!


The Mad Momma said...

unfortunately am too in love with the green ogre to not catch the movie.

volnisant said...

shrek 1 was excellent, shrek 2 was a really good sequel, skrek 3 was awful. and they're making a 4th one. i think with how bad shrek 3 was, i hope they try to fix it and make it good.