Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Tabloid Heading - May 1, 2007

I like tabloid headings. Short, crisp, double meaning, naughty and often making pun of the actual news. "Tabloid History of the World" is strongly recommended as a primer in this field. Let's look at today's main news as a good tabloid would have reported it.

"I Dow"

Rupert Murdoch has bid $5 billion for Dow Jones publisher. The share price jumped more than 50% today.

Castro May Not

Cuba's ailing premier is noticeably absent from Labor Day celebrations. A bad headline could be - Castroted!

Left not right

"Study" shows left handed women have higher chance of dying from bad things!


Army chief does not think women soldiers should be in frontline combat along Indian border.

"Burns!" - Men-on Holocaust

Indian foreign-secretary Menon meets his American counterpart Nick Burns on Nuclear Treaty.


On Iran putting a strong foot to US push for nuclear disarmament.


Ford loses money, again!

Shell Met

"Zoo Atlanta has hatched a rare Arakan forest turtle, a victory for researchers trying to save the endangered Asian species — one shell at a time."

Old Still Die!

On a "study" indicating heart attack death rate has declined.

Bow. No?

Bono pushes US government to spread education to the rest of the world.

Percentile Dysfunction

"Thirty-four Fuqua School of Business students -- almost 10% of the class -- are accused of violating the school's honor code by cheating on an exam"

And finally,

Slum Slam

A fantastic National Geographic article with breathtaking photos on Dharavi.

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